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Back pain? What do you think?

So I randomly got back pain where my bra strap usually rest. At first I was like oh my bra must’ve been too tight so I took it off but it was still there. It was tender to the touch and I swore I had a bruise. Nope it looked perfectly fine so I feel like a good week goes by and I feel a little lump on my lower back...

  • Baldy

Is it,

  • choko_canyon

Typical, sub-cutaneous pimple infection in a sensitive area, that's all. Just out of curiosity, is English your first language?

  • Ashphiar Raihan

It is bad

  • ?

Get bevoline, it completely cleared my bacne in about two to three days and it also got rid of the acne I had on my face and neck area but that took about a week. I still use it from time to time when I get a pimple. It's cheaper on Amazon if you have prime. I hope my answer helps:)