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Why do vegans name some of their food after animals, if they are repulsed by the thought of eating meat?

for ex: tofu chicken.

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I tried to ask the question "What is a ******** optimist?" and they censored it! We can't even say ******** on this dopey website???

  • Anonymous

Because a knowledge seeking question doesn't need colorful language, that site allows minors, and allowing it would just encourage people to cuss at each other.

  • Anonymous

Children are on this site.

  • Son of T3

YA is designated aas a PG-13 site and the rules of the owners say certain words can not be used. In addition, when you cuss, you are likely to post a violation of the rules (such as chat or rant) and you will always get fewer answers to questions.

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becasue we are not 12 years old

  • GTB

Why do you need to do so? This only shows a very poor vocabulary

  • Daniel

Because its not Appropriate thats why there are Wide Range of Ages on here people as young as 13 use this site and there are Adults that use this Site as old as 18+

  • ?

because "freedom of speech"

  • JoJo Potatoes

They secretly want to eat meat

  • Anonymous

Because it is easier to name something that was designed after the original thing with the same name.

  • Anonymous

Unless it to entice us meat eaters into going vegan, I'm not sure. But I do know this: I ain't falling for it. I'm not going vegan. I won't even go vegetarian. I'm a carnivore, who's going to eat meat until the day I die. Nothing is going to change that.

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  • Anonymous

I'm not vegan but have no problems understanding their reasoning.

  • mermaid

I could ask why omnivores call their meat beef instead of cow and they eat a bacon sandwich instead of pig sandwich. It does not matter what we call our food, we care about animals not names.

  • Anonymous

Just more hypocritical libtard bullsh*t, my friend.

  • Anonymous

I am repulsed by killing but I can play a video game where nobody actually dies and not get upset. Same logic. They are repulsed by eating real meat not by a fake representation of meat.

  • DॐADW0N

I was told by a Chinese dude that Tofu is meat