Question #22939

If Trump tweeted to demand an investigation into the FBI and DOJ, isn't that abuse of power?

  • Sunday Crone

Oh, my someone beside me got that message. As President he does not have the LEGAL right ot "demand" anything.

  • wombatfreaks

Ordering an investigation would not be an abuse of power, not in and of itself, but "Tweeting" about it certainly would impede and undermine the effectiveness of any subsequent investigation that might be done, justified or not.

  • Justin Thyme

Not at all.

  • Elijah Tenenbaum

Yeah, pretty much.

  • ?

no.. in fact he get order one all by himself

  • Kira

Finding criminals is not abuse of power.

  • HankMoody

No, curious why you think that would be abuse of power.

  • Anonymous

It’s what Russia wants.

  • MIKE L

Nope , Find out where the rats are

  • Gigapie

No, it's just incredibly ignorant and stupid.