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Why are dog owners so stuck-up?

So earlier today I was walking up a local hill when I run into this lady and her dog, which isn t on a lead. I move away as far as I can so the dog won t see me (it most likely did anyway) or come running towards me. I m petrified of dogs, I don t know what they ll do and I HATE when the owners claim they re...

  • ?

Only the losers who can't interact with women as people worry about this.

  • Nekkid Truth!

So retort back that she shoukdnt be there if she can't follow leash laws... Its a dog, not a child. Belongs on a leash.

  • Elaine M

Just yell out "I've been bitten by a dog, I do NOT like them. Call your dog back or I'll kick it'. That should 'explain' to any dog owner that there's an issue here.

  • Anonymous

I'm not reading stuck up. I'm reading rude and judgmental, but I'm not seeing any indication that this woman thought she was "better" than anyone else.

  • bluebonnetgranny

I am not stuck up & I have owned many many dogs as an individual dog rescuer. I am very open & love to share the knowledge I have about dogs. You just encountered an ugly lady, rude & didn't know your fears.

  • Lorraine

Doesn't matter whether you like dogs or not NOBODY should allow their dog to run up to anyone else and every dog owner should respect the fact that not everyone likes dogs or wants their dogs coming up to them.

  • Anonymous

Should have punched her in the mouth.

  • Patato

I don't understand that either. I mean when I play with my dog, i know i can get rough and not worry at all. But I always issue a warning to people before they ask to pet/play. Just because he's nice 99% of the time doesnt mean that 1% won't show up.

  • Leafsfan29-Embrace the drought!

Most dog owners don't let their dogs off lead.

  • ?

She's in the wrong. If someone doesn't want to see or get near my dog I'm not going to insist you do.

  • Pearl L

cause they think everyone should like dogs just cause they do