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Is it true that Hillary wanted her Secret Service detail to be called 'Her Majesty's Secret Service'?

  • xiTrollerx

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  • ?

Enter politics!

  • Summertime

Become an actor.

  • Anonymous

Donate money to the NRA.

  • Sir Studley Smugley

Simple. Just get GREEDY.

  • Cato

  • Anti-troll Police

no clu

  • Anonymous

One has to have an odd pet, like a hairless skinny cat.

  • magix151

That is Hillarious!

  • Summertime


  • Tishebee

Ask Hillary.

  • Vincent G

Not even fake; just ludicrously silly false.

  • ManCave747


  • Lady Laissez Faire

No, she was going to call them the Fedayeen.

  • ?

No, that was Michelle Obama.

  • Wage Slave

Doubtful, but since Trump was suggested being "president forever" I'm sure he was thinking something similar.

  • Anonymous

I think she wanted them to be called "Don't Tell Anyone I Attacked Bill"

  • Anonymous