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Can Actors Keep Costumes?

Costumes that an actor wears in a film or play etc, can they ever keep them? I heard a rumor that Bela Lugosi is actually buried in his Dracula costume, he played Dracula in Dracula (1931) and Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein (1948), it is the role he will be forever known for, I say he is the best Dracula...

  • Daniel

Depends if the Actors brought it in on there own then Yes if they did not then No they can not it Stays with the Studio that they Acted in

  • Tina

Sometimes actors can ask to buy costumes they're fond of, if they have enough status, and the stars might be given a favourite costume if they ask, but generally, no. I still bitterly regret a pair of boots from one film, and a full set of beautiful Victorian mourning from another.

  • John P

The only possible answer is: In some circumstances, yes.

  • Elaine M

The studio owns them. The actors may be able to buy them or be given them after filming is done, but usually not.

  • Cogito

A few have done so - but it doesn't happen often.

  • Marie K

He might have been allowed to keep a costume, or it might have been given to him later as a tribute. Some actors have it put in the contract that they can keep clothes they chose, others actually end up providing "costumes" from their own wardrobe !