Question #24343

Can I get in a lot of trouble for telling my teacher “Can you stop looking at nothing and actually do your job and put my grades in?”?

  • Anonymous

I'm sure this will THRILL the teacher. It won't get your grade any faster, in fact, it might slow it down, but your teacher will be thrilled.

  • anon

There are more polite ways to say this and universities have grievance systems in place just look at your student handbook and politely send an email asking when Grades will be posted. I doubt it is laziness, probably being overworked with a lot of classes. When you show a little compassion and patience generally you will also get it in turn.

  • Pat Wooden

Let's you deserve punishment for a bratty, disrespectful comment made to your teacher? Would you prefer detention or suspension?

  • linkus86

No, but please don't trust my answer. Test my theory.