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Why do women think its ok to just demand respect?

  • mister-damus

Because SOME women (not all) are like children.

  • Bill G

A lot of women, and men, in today's society think respect is something they deserve.

  • Anonymous

Daddy issues.

  • myrrdin emrys

because everyone is deserving of a certain level of respect just be virtue of being HUMAN (unless they have willfully committed some offense).

  • ?

It really does show a disconnect of actual line of operations for it.

  • ?

they dont need a reason they fight for what theyve seen not happen good for them!

  • ?


  • .Jerry.

"Why do women think its ok to just demand respect?"

  • Anonymous

Because... unless someone has done something blatantly disrespectful, everyone deserves respect

  • Mark IX

Because everybody deserves respect.