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Why do some people think education should stop favoring females?

Don't they realize it’s taken decades of hard work on the part of feminists for females to be doing so much better?

  • mister-damus

Because education should not favor one group over another.

  • Anonymous

I believe in equal quality, NOT feminism!

  • WaldoBC

I support equality...

  • ?

Really and then explain how they fought for is to enter fields a majority of us could give a rat's rump about? What; was it; some quota of the month deal? Sounds like it to me. How about they push for us to do more of those jobs men are, still doing; those "dirty jobs"? When they do you can talk.

  • Anonymous

It would be inconsistent to favor females in all areas except education.


The current school system does ONLY favor femininity and not both masculinity and femininity.

  • not

Decades of feminists, not really. What roles could females fill in the past? Lets start at say 1700 and go ever 50 years. Tasks to be done, who could do them?