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Do you think people from 1st world countries who travel to 3rd world countries like Africa takes pics with poor children for likes?

So it Would look like they care on the internet but not really idk it seems so fake to me sometimes.

  • Anonymous

Your answer sucks. How would you be born to a different mother when your DNA is unique and half of it plus ALL of your mtDNA comes from your mother's EGG? Why wouldn't you be born to a different father? Why would you think you would be born to a different mother and not to a different father? Why do you think father is more important?

  • Brown Okay

haha not true

  • ?

What I can't understand is, we've been giving foreign aid to Ethiopia and other such countries for many years...and they STILL haven't learned how to take care of themselves! Why hasn't Ethiopia started doing its own farming?

  • KnightWilliam

Somebody from like East Africania the other day took pics in my upscale 1st world neighborhood for likes y is that ok?