Question #24383

How come women sit around all day watching cooking shows?

  • Alesha

I don't, I watch very little television, the tube bores me to tears most of the time.

  • ?

Same reason some men watch cooking shows. To get pointers on being a great cook or new ideas on new recipes that people will like who come over to eat.

  • Kitten

I watch anime and true crime shows, not cooking shows. Get it right!

  • helping_people

Do they?

  • ?

So they can fix lovely meals for their significant other.

  • ?

I don't know any women who do that. It would bore me senseless.

  • ?

How come men sit around all weekend watching sports?

  • Anonymous

Not true. I spend as much time watching soap operas as cooking shows.

  • Steven C

Some do, some have a greater knead.