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What are some ways to get better at talking to ppl including women you’re autistic?

I’m 24 and I was diagnosed with asperger. My social skill is average. All I do is study and memorize quotes from others and then speak. Also, I always don’t catch what ppl are saying. Can you give me advices or suggestions in order to get better and be better? Thank you

  • Ash

If you have asbergers, and you want to interact with people that's the most important thing :) poeple mostly seems to talk about silly things and it's hard to explain the format as a general thing. Often jokes a dirty, even if it's not obvious initially. (Not too dirty, just similarities ) generally people seem to default to the weather and move onto news as a kind of fallback when there is nothing to say. For longer conversation you will both find a common interest, or have opposed oppions on something that will keep the conversation going. (In this care you are trying to persuade them with facts, not be rite)

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