Question #24385

I had a couple of dreams with one person and they felt so real that when i wake up i can feel their touch what is that?

  • Psi Medium

That's just a reflection of your own romantic fantasies. It's your imagination at work.

  • Jake No Chat

It sounds like love, a real connection and lots of desire. Simple as that.

  • WinterRose

We use all of our senses while we dream; sight, sound, taste, touch and smell. They filter into our dreamworld, so if your "significant other" is making morning coffee in the kitchen, you might get a whiff of the coffee as it enters your dreams. Same with feelings such as touch. You know the feeling of petting your cat, or dog, so dreaming of the purring and the soft pelt can also enter your dreamworld. A fire engine races by your home with sirens blaring, and in your dream, you suddenly see a house on fire, etc. We are human, and when we sleep we use our 5 known senses to make our dreams as real as possible. Of course there is a 6th sense, but that is another question