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Are there muslim parents that let their older children choose not to fast?

and would they love their kids who don't fast equally to their other kids?

  • Adullah M

Love of parents of their children is one thing but the love of GOD of their families is another things.So the parents should explain to their children that by fasting during Ramdhan would bring GOD's loving and Blessing to the families.

  • Filled with God

Possibly not

  • Ruchjat

No all muslim parents would not let their older children more than 10 year old to choose not to fast because based on hadiths the related parents can hit non fasting child for education so it is not allowed to make a scar Their children must try to fast and to pray since they are 6 year old.

  • Pearl L

there might be some that dont make their kids fast, if theyre not letting them eat that might be considered neglect and cps could move them out

  • Anonymous

I don't think so. I mean it's not like they're watching their kids all day to make sure they don't eat anything, but generally they wake them up early in the morning to eat, etc.

  • Joe


  • Princess

You are fasting for God and for yourself to become better, not parents or other relatives. If parents are agressive so the kids fear them more they are raising hypocrites, not Muslims. You must be mature to fast, to understand it. Blind following isn't allowed in Islam (verse 17:36).