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Okay so I’m 13 and I am bi. I want to come out to my best friend.?

How do I do that? I mean I get the gist of saying “I’m bi” but like how am I supposed to go about that? I mean I’m young I know that but I also know I’ve fallen for one of our best friends as hard as you could at age 13. If it makes a difference, we’re both females

  • Mark

I would not do that if I were you.

  • reme_1

Bring up being gay and or bi in a private conversation- away from school. You don't have to come out all the way.

  • tentofield

Do you want everyone to know? That's everyone in the school and your family? With social media, if you come out, everyone will know in less than half an hour. You tell one person in strictest confidence and they will tell one other person in strictest confidence, it always happens. Before you know it your secret is out. As Sir Humphrey once said: She who would keep a secret must keep it secret that she has a secret to keep.

  • ?

Baked her a vagina cake.