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Would you assume a female is lesbian if her hair is really short?

I don't mean anything offensive by this (I'm apart of the LGBT+ community myself). A girl at my school gets made fun of for having super short hair and is called a lesbian all the time (in an offensive way) and i don't see why people assume that because of hair.


No. Would assume a guy is gay because he has long hair ?

  • ?

No not all lesbians have short hair, some straight women have short hair too

  • Nepthys

No, I'd assume she either likes her hair short or feels she looks better in short hair. It's a stereotype that all lesbians wear their hair short

  • tentofield

The easiest way to stop such bullying is to show your support for the girl. Why don't you and your friends all have your hair cut short too in solidarity? Bigots will pick on anyone who looks a little different, make them the ones who are different. Cutting your hair short will not be the end of the world, it will grow again and, besides, you will probably like it.

  • reme_1

Talk to a teacher you trust or the school counselor and let them know about the teasing . The school is responsible for keeping students safe! Also, if you can, reach out to her and give her some support.

  • iammclane

It would be a mistake to assume a person's sexuality on the basis of how she looks or how she carries herself - or the sort of food she likes, or how she talks, or her favorite color - or any of the other crazy things people ask about. The only way to know is to ask her.