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Can anyone help me to know the best ways to earn money while staying at home?

I am soon to be retired and I am so worried about my future as i have little to no savings and I don't want to waste my little savings in any fraudulent business and become homeless. please help me in recommending some of the most reliable and trusted business platforms.


Not sure if you have issues that would prevent you from working part time, but in home money making ventures that are realistic are pretty much non existent. It's safe to assume you wouldn't be ready for something taxing like child care and depending on where you live that may not be allowed anyway. Retail might be your best bet as its mostly part time and the hours can be quite flexible.

  • tro

if you are able to do things like tutoring, graphic design, bookkeeping, maybe selling insurance from home, and of course, there is sitting for children or pets

  • David 14

You can't. No such jobs exist.

  • Anonymous

So what you're saying is that you can't afford to retire and need to work.

  • Anonymous

In home daycares.

  • Maxi

Then you remain working in the job you do now or start looking for another job maybe part time to enable you to afford to live

  • DEBS

There aren't any decent ones without risk unless you have skills to work from home. Do you work with computers? Graphic design? Are able to develop and sell goods?

  • y

There are none, now you could try to start your own web based business and sell on place like etsy and ebay and such. Or you can get a part time job at like the local grocery store and such.

  • Rick B

If you have little to no money, then you don t retire. Pretty simple concept.

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