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Why do servers get so shocked when someone doesn't tip them?

If you've chosen to do a job in which no one is legally required to help you with your salary then you should accept the fact that not everyone is going to help you with your salary, just like no one has to be nice to you or be your friend

  • Anonymous

Never knew they got shocked? Maybe that is their fault for picking a "no skills required" type job. I had to spend extra time in school and in training to get a TRADE job. All that extra cost me extra cash. Not going to give it away...for a task I can do myself.

  • kswck2

Sometimes I will just give a tip, and yet sometimes I will give $100 with a note that says 'Pay it forward'.

  • Happy Gramps

I disagree 100 % with people who claim that wait staff "deserves" to be tipped, because of low wages..............hogwash !!! for one thing, that person chose that occupation, and for another, the word "tip" has many different meanings, all of which are incorrect........we will tip a wait person depending on the job they do ( and by the way - poor tipping because the food order was incorrect or cold is NOT the problem of the wait person !! )

  • LindseyS499

Put your self in their shoes, you would be shocked too.

  • ?

They're shocked at the fact that someone is such an asshole to waste their time and stiff them

  • Anonymous

Because servers are paid through tips, therefore tips are usual and customary.

  • Meherbaan

I like how they blackmail you " research says guys tip better than girls, do you agree" & they put two box there ..

  • Anonymous

I have been a server, and I made between 2-4 dollars salary an hour at my jobs, plus tips. I was never shocked that someone didn't tip me. I thought them ignorant of the fact that servers cannot survive on the amount they're paid. You're cheap, maybe think servers have it easy and should deal with below min wage, or are just an asshole in general. Servers in the US work for tips.

  • CAB

Its very demanding work, and someone who would stiff them really IS a waste of skin.

  • Mama Kimama

Sounds like you have never been in that job.