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What is new in dresses for the summer?

  • cindy

Midi and maxi dresses with off the shoulder sleeves and buttons

  • Linda S

Floral prints, ruffles and flounces and unapologetically feminine details are the big thing in dresses right now. Layered dresses, embellished dresses, vintage inspired dresses and anything that makes you think "pretty!" is what's on the latest and greatest lists. As some political correct types try to force masculine so-called "gender neutral" styles many in the fashion world and the real world are favoring feminine styles. If you don't like flowers or ruffles then plainer yet full cut dresses in fresh fruit and ice cream colors are the way to go. super tight Bodycon and bandage dresses are looking a bit dated and tacky and are best left for one occasion only: clubbing. Up and coming looks that you might not wear this summer but you will be next summer are sports and sportswear inspired looks: overall inspired jumper dresses worn over polo-type shirts, polos lengthened to dress length, and the so-called safari and outback styles in medium weight cottons with lots of pockets.