Question #24519

Is my car a two stroke?

  • John Alden

Not likely.

  • Been There, Done That.

Extremely unlikely.

  • realtor.sailor

Yes if you have an Isetta. Actually the Mazda rotary engines are a two stroke, you just don 't have to mix the oil.

  • Joe

I don't think that there are any current production cars that use a two-stroke gasoline engine.

  • cpcii

Without knowing your car type, impossible to answer, but very few cars are 2 stroke.

  • regerugged

Yes if you have a Citroen Deux Chevaux.

  • curmudgeon55

IFyou have a older classic like SAAB 93 or a Trabant, DKW1000, Subaru 360 or Reliant Robin with Villiers engine, then you have a 2 stroke engine in the car. Suzuki made the original samurai 500 with 2 cylinder 2 stroke engine derived from T500 titan motorcycle engine.