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Is there a two stroke car with three wheels?

  • opinionated

no, because if it has 3 wheels, every state considers it a motor cycle

  • don r

Used to be, but not anymore.

  • realtor.sailor

Yes, Isetta


None that are being manufactured today for the North American Market. Might be a few 3 wheel cars in the Indian sub continent but I doubt any have 2-stroke engines any more.

  • curmudgeon55

3 wheels is usually considered motorcycle- but some reference as Cyclecar, special license plate class. Currently made? Look up tuk-tuk or Samlors, a couple still made with 2 stroke engines in China, 25 year ago before the clean air laws there were a lot more- Indian Bajaj was one well known, England had the Reliants with Villiers engine. Top Gear had a sample of 49cc 3 wheel rig on one show. More recent 3 wheeled Baja advertised with 175cc Kawasaki license engine- was supposed to be legal in California but as a 'Motorcycle' not car license class. 1950s had some more 2 stoke engine in trikes- WW2 recovery meant many scooter and motorcycle bits and piece used to get around- enclosed 3 wheeler of Tadpole pattern could have 2 front wheels, single back with motorcycle engine, drive train. Single front wheel, 2 back wheel could be passenger or cargo carrier and 2 stroke engine from 50cc to 250 cc from motorcycle use would work. Old DKW engine patents 'free' after WW2 to winners of war and small 50 to 125cc motorcycles made- the 3 wheeled postal delivery rigs also had use in towns as delivery vehicles and the Zoller engine from Steyr was used in 3 wheeled enclosed cab sort of 3 seater passenger rig. 'Motor rickshaw' term used for some of those rigs, Motor Samlor is another term.

  • boy boy

there are a few around ...two in the uk come to mind bond and berkeley ...i have owned both ...the berkeley had a 325cc two stroke engine of my bonds had a 197cc engine was not fast ..but it was so light i could pick it up with one hand ...the engine was mounted over the front wheel you could turn the steering and go out sideways!..the bond had a villiers engine

  • not

In the US 3 wheels is motorcycle and 4 is car. Many 3 wheeled car like enclosed vehicles have been made, a 2 stroke version is Bajaj.

  • tigrillen

Apparently there was the Coronet (not to be confused with the Dogde Coronet), a British microcar