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Is a two stroke better than a four stroke?

  • Tim D

Sweet smell of Castrol, blistering acceleration, light.

  • fuzzy

2 strokes have better power to weight, cheaper to build, easier to work on, worse fuel economy, worse emissions, need more frequent overhauls

  • Candid Chris

Depends on the usage- On motorcycles the 2-stroke delivers quicker response for race-bikes and the 4-strokes are better trail bikes - BUT that varies for model to model and the way the power delivery is geared. (plus rider usage).

  • don r

Better power to weight. Better fuel economy, worse emission. That's the comparison of a 2 stroke to a 4 stroke.

  • Egbert

No. They tend to be cheaper as there are less moving parts. But like for like a four stroke is superior in all respects.

  • Anonymous

Do you have 2 hearts?

  • ?

For what kind of vehicle? Four stroke engines make outstanding lawn mower engines and are often preferred in nautical settings.

  • torque

What does this have to do with the heart?

  • not

Two strokes are great engines. Their real downfall is they have excessive emmissions. Years ago they made great power compared to four stroke but the effort for cleaner engines has made great improvements in four stroke power.