Question #24523

Saw a 2012 Toyota Prius 4 in Craigslist, should I buy?? 187k miles, new battery, good conditions. $7000. Need it for Uber. Advise please!?

  • JetDoc

Entirely too many miles for a 6-year old car.

  • Erik

How is that mileage even possible? That's MORE than my 93 Camry, and I deliver pizzas. I would not even consider this car.

  • don r

I wouldn't buy even shoestrings on craigslist.

  • g

Not for 7 grand, no. With such high mileage it's current market value is a thousand less than list price.

  • audrey

Mileage is way too high, price is way too much, and like the other user said, which battery? The $2000 one, or the $100 one? Plus.... Craigslist?

  • Anonymous

Thats only like 6500 over what I think it is worth

  • ?

which battery is new? the $300 battery or the $1500 battery?

  • Boney Boy Bailey

Whoa that's a sort of mileage I'd expect a 20 year old car to have, even then maybe not..