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Will a dirty air filter cause a car to stutter and jerk while driving?

I have a car that after like 7 minutes it started to jerk and stutter whenever I press the gas and exceed a certain rpm. I can feel the jerk happening in the front area of the car not from the back. So I checked my air filter and it is actually really dirty so I'm hoping this is the reason for the jerking,...

  • W⛧

To answer you directly - Yes that is a pretty good assessment. You want clean are mixing with the fuel not dirty are. Wouldnt hurt to tune the vehicle up also (spark plugs, spark plug wires, distributor cap, rotor).

  • Country Boy

Or a fuel filter that needs to be replaced.

  • Anonymous

If it is the original filter(2002)....Let me place a plastic bag over your head and see how long before you starts gasping for breath. Same idea

  • ?

Check the spark plugs. A dirty air filter will make these sooty but it's unlikely that it will make the engine jerk. It's more likely the fule supply system. Replace the fuel filter first. I've only had this problem with diesels (I know yours isn't) and found it's best to change the filter twice as often as recommended. If this doesn't work, it's probably the fuel pump on the way out,.

  • thebax2006

Listen buddy. I can tell you have no clue about cars so go find a good mechanic before you waste a bunch of money guessing. Thinking a fuel pump makes the back of the car feel anything is rather dumb.

  • Timbo is here

Very unlikely - most likely ignition related

  • Anonymous

Replace the air filter and see if the issue goes away. No joy, see a mechanic. Most likely a bad cam sensor.

  • ?

Yeah, that could do it, but likely isn't. Simple to know though, just clean it, put it back in, and check if it cleared up or not.

  • Really ?

If it jerks like you are saying and the engine is starved for fuel what do you think is going to jerk? The engine is in front of the car. Fuel pumps usually fail so you are not going very far if at all so I bet your fuel filter needs replaced.

  • don r

An easy test is to run it a little while with no filter. You ought to do an OBD2 code check and get the real answer and stop guessing.