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Does donald trump admire Woody Allen because he is a good jewish man who believes in keeping it within the family like his Rabbi taught him?

  • Nowpower

Is Woody running for office now?

  • ⛧Shadowfire⛧

I love how many people just didn't get the joke. It's kind of sad, really.

  • Fireball

MAYBE BUT WHAT ARE U EVEN talking about? Mr Trump is Presbyterian and he is a Gemini....they are open minded. I dk if those 2 men have even met AND TIRH wrong spot bigtime.

  • Summertime

He admires himself.

  • Bada Bing Lives, Cons Whine

Yes, pretty much. But Donald didn't have the balls that Woody did to be completely disgusting.

  • TNO

If Trump admires Woody Allen, it's for his commitment to his art and his ability to function despite the negative press that is mounted against him. That works only if Trump believes that the allegations against Allen are false, as Trump can easily relate (assuming that Trump himself is innocent of similar allegations made against him). It helps that he's a fellow New Yorker and a family man, too.

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  • ?

I think Woody Allen is famous for film directing

  • ?

Soon Yi's Jewish?!

  • Sookie

If he admires Woody it’s because Woody is a predator who groomed his girlfriend’s daughter from an early age to be his sexual partner when he was supposed to be a father figure. Trump always admires the morally bankrupt.