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Can truck drivers get prescriptions for medical mary wanna?

  • R K

no, you can't

  • David 14

MARIJUANA, and no.

  • JetDoc

NO. Marijuana is still an ILLEGAL drug according to the US Department of Transportation (DOT). Truck drivers in the USA are subject to random drug screens. Testing positive for marijuana or any other recreational drug is grounds for dismissal.

  • bo

yes but your not driving a truck for anyone

  • I-o-d-tiger


  • ?

Of course they can. It would probably be against their company's rules and might get them fired if they found out but it's perfectly legal for them to do so just like it's perfectly legal for them to buy alcohol as well

  • Spock (rhp)

sure. but they then can't drive.

  • davidmi711

Sure. I doubt the doctor would even bother to ask the profession of a person seeking a prescription.

  • g

Sure, there are thousands of license motor vehicle driver's who hold a MMC. They can be using when driving, of course, but they still can partake when not.

  • Joe

Anyone can get a prescriotion for MMJ. Doesn't mean a truck driver can legally use it, however. Employers and insurance providers routinely do random drug testing.

  • ?

I'm sure they could, but then CANNOT even drive their own vehicle while the thc is still in their body. Check on the 1986 Federal Motor Carrier Safety Act. It's the federal regulations which every state must follow.