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Why are Car Insurance commercials so Smug and Smarmy?

  • Anonymous

They aren't, they are overly accommodating. Very competitive.

  • Anonymous

You don't know what "smarmy" means because it's almost the opposite of "smug." "Smarmy" means overly flattering because you want something, so it's basically being an аѕs kisser. Think of a used car salesman that is telling you how smart and awesome you are with a great big, fake smile as he laughs a bit too hard at all your jokes and the whole time you know it's all buIIshit because he wants you to buy the car. That's "smarmy." When someone's "smug," though, they're acting superior, meaning they're acting like you should be kissing their аѕs instead of the other way around.

  • ?

It's an extremely competitive industry.