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Car insurance question?

I recently got a citation today but I am eligible for traffic school. Will it add a point to my record immediately and raise my car insurance. I am worried because my annual insurance premium came home last week and is due next month?

  • David 14

Your insurance company will surcharge you regardless of traffic school.

  • Entidtil

You only get assessed "points" when/if you are convicted. Getting cited means nothing until conviction.

  • Big Deal Maker

If you take the drivers traffic school the points and ticket are removed off your DMV. So hurry and get that school done.

  • don r

Usually it doesn't add a point, but the insurance company can see if they investigate, that you were cited. They typically have more work than they can keep up with, so priority to spy on you is likely pretty low.

  • ?

First of all, it doesn't appear on your driving record until it's gone through the court. You just received the ticket today, time is on your side. Where I live, if the ticket can be wiped by traffic school, it never appears on your record.

  • g

All the answers to your question depend on the specifics of the citation and their degree of infraction.

  • lucy

If, you are eligible for traffic school, I suggest you do so. You will still need to pay for the ticket (fine) plus the cost of traffic school. But once you complete the traffic school, then this ticket does (not) show on your drivers license.

  • Kherova

No, if you take the school, it won't raise your rates.

  • ?

So pay your insurance premium as it is listed on your bill. Let the insurance company decide, without your help, if they should raise your insurance premiums.

  • Percyqted

Don't know without details. What was the citation for? Parking, jumping a red light or DUI?