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Why is driving car so hard?

I already have 3-4x practicing last summer and I haven’t practice ever since summer until today( spring) my god driving is hard

  • ?

It's not. You're making it harder than it needs to be.

  • don r

Get a good driver to coach you, practice a lot and driving won't be so hard. I've been driving since 1969 and the only time it's hard is when there are other drivers around driving poorly.

  • Coffee Drinker

Driving is like anything else in life: Its hard when its new but you get better and more comfortable when you do it more frequently.

  • Murzy

the more you practice the easier it gets

  • Master Of Puppets

Well think about it. You've only practiced around 3 or 4 times almost a year ago and you're just practicing again? It seems kind of normal to me.

  • Jonathn

Make sure that you and the car are in good condition. It takes a lot of practice too.

  • ⛧Shadowfire⛧

It's like any new skill. You can't expect to be good at it right away. Hell, I've been driving for 20 years, and I'm still not that great at it.