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What could be wrong with my car????

So I drive a manual car, and as I was driving today my car randomly came to a full stop and it couldn't move anymore. . It still turns on perfectly but whenever I put it in first gear the car doesn't move at all and it makes a weird sound. The mechanic told me he would check it for me tomorrow, ...

  • Anonymous

Try to put it in second and start off. If it makes the same weird sound and you do not move, then shift it to REVERSE and see if you move. If it still does not move and just makes the same noise then it is either a CV joint fell off or clutch is slipping Lots. Mechanic will have lots to fix for certain;now.

  • JetDoc

There's a loose nut behind the wheel.


It's either a blown clutch or the input shaft of the transmission.

  • Anonymous

Wait for what the mechanic will tell you. We will be just guessing. Could be a bad CV joint. See I am guessing.

  • Coffee Drinker

Transmission, clutch, differential or something else within the drive train between the engine and the wheels. Something isn't connected the way it should be.

  • Rinkydink

Transmission problem.