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Last Name Origin Of “Tareb” Where Does This Last Name Come From ?

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  • karlod

Factory paint is baked already so it is safe to wash and wax.

  • Anonymous

Factory paints the cars differently, baking on the finish. Autobody shops can't do the bake because of all the plastics and wiring. Before assembly, the car is painted. and baked in ovens. That is a really hard finish body shops can only match the color but never that kind of coating.

  • thebax2006

Just wash it. The car wasn't painted last week!

  • g

You can wash and/or was your new vehicle immediately upon taking possession.

  • Grandpa Jack

You can wash and wax the paint on modern new cars as soon as you'd like. I personally don't see any point in waxing a brand new car for the first ~4-6 months or so of ownership since the finish is basically factory-fresh when you get it, but you aren't going to harm anything by waxing it earlier than that if you want. The paint on modern cars doesn't have an extended "cure" time to worry about.

  • regerugged

OK to wash. Use soap made for cars. No need to wax. the car was probably a few months old by the time it got to the dealership. Curing is not needed.

  • D J

Just because the car come right from the factory does not mean it's not a few month old. Ask the dealership about washing & waxing the car or consult the owners manual.

  • JetDoc

Your "brand new car" probably rolled off the assembly line months ago and has been sitting in a parking lot at the factory for quite some time. The paint has fully cured and it's safe to wash and wax it as soon as you are ready.

  • Anonymous

You can wash your car.


It can be washed immediately; the dealer has already washed it themselves a few times.

  • Ted Pack

Most of the people on

  • Maxi

All names are words and all words come from language origins, it is likely Tareb which is used as a given name as well as a surname ( like many) comes from a mixture of the languages of French and Arabic and that means it is likely to be Algerian.

  • Joseph Wall

comes from Africa and England

  • Anonymous

Most Likely A African Last Name.