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Are people aware that it's been warmer at the North Pole than in some European cities for the past few days ?

The Weather Network.

  • tro

it looks like they lied or they found the changes that were made did not accommodate what they prepped you for

  • Casey Y

Start looking elsewhere...

  • don_sv_az

The next time you see a cubicle open up, move all your stuff into it before the chair gets cold.

  • y

You say you have brought this up already, then i would start looking. Pretty obvious that what ever they thought before has been replaced with, we can take advantage of now.

  • lingua06437

I’m with Eva, bring it up to your boss at least once a month. This has to stop. If nothing changes, start looking for another job.

  • ?

Why are you not bringing this up to your boss instead of waiting? Emphasize that they have tripled your work load since the move and that being a receptionist was not part of your job description. Ask why you weren't given a cubicle when one became available and why they haven't hired a receptionist. If the answers aren't satisfactory then you have to decide how long you're willing to wait, since they may never make good on their promises.

  • ?

No idea

  • MIKE L

Its called weather

  • Sagebrush

Happens all the time. I remember one time it was below zero in Chicago and they were water skiing in Alaska. It is weather. Weather is just like a woman, you don't know what you'll come home to.

  • James

It isn't that surprising really- the cold airmass near the north pole doesn't just sit there , it moves around - and so the coldest weather isn't necessarily going to be at the north pole.

  • Anonymous

trump is using the HAARP to wobble the polar vortex jet stream to bring the cold air to the eastern US . it sells a lot of heating oil .

  • rick29148

so ???

  • GTB

It is possible; has happened before and will happen again. So what?

  • Garrett

But I was told that climate change was a hoax created by the Chinese.

  • ?

It's those damned Russians!

  • JimZ

I was thinking of moving to Europe but saw the north pole was warmer so I'm hitching up my wagon and moving to the North Pole instead. Everyone is welcome to join me. I saw your profile and you might want to put on some long johns.