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What does 'winsome marrow' mean in Wordsworth's poem 'Yarrow Revisited'?

The gallant Youth, who may have gained,

  • Anonymous

You can..... I HIGHLY suggest going to Hertz because believe it or not you can sell you car to them and you can buy a basically brand new car or SUV for really cheap. And they have some reallyyy nice cars. I didn't know this but me and my dad were talking about it when he bought his car from there over the summer. The reason these new cars are so cheap is because they are constantly needing to get rid of them for some reason. Hertz is a car rental place but they both take cars and sell new cars.

  • KayleenR

You will have to give it back to the dealer you got it from

  • don r

You never own a car that you lease. Talk to the dealer who leased it to you about getting a better car. KIAs have a long warranty that should take care of your problems, but if the car is in the shop too much for you to enjoy having it, discuss that.

  • Terrence B

Good thing you're leasing it. Now see if you can return the car and get something that won't give you issues.

  • JetDoc

If you are LEASING a car, you don't have anything to trade. You don't OWN the car. You're only renting it. READ the contract you signed when you got the car. There should be a section there on early termination of the lease.

  • David 14

You can trade it anywhere but breaking a lease early will be expensive.

  • Percyqted

You have NOT BOUGHT this vehicle you have leased it therefore you cannot trade it in.

  • Diane A

You lease, not own. You need to contact KIA.

  • Artemisia


  • bobBwilder

Those lease contracts are long and hard to understand, aren`t they. I would never suggest that you read one.

  • Gigapie

"Winsome" means pretty or attractive.


A wholesome vegetable which is a gourd.

  • 7Flightsup

The most attractive of what is inner most or essential part