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How and where do I start to learn about cars?

Cars are my family’s business. My brothers all know about cars, all the different kinds and how to fix them, but I never showed interest so I never got to learn. I’m looking to learn everything and anything I’ll need to know but I don’t know where to start.

  • Mr.357

There is a lever inside most vehicles that says "HOOD". I would start by pulling that and see what it leads to. My son got his start from me, and learned a lot from the internets and buying about 9 different vehicles and rebuilding them. He still has all of them except the Ford. I went with him when he bought the Ford (I tried to talk him out of buying a Ford) and all of the way home, he was calling people that he knew trying to sell that %^& $%^& thing. He finally sold it a couple of weeks later. NO MORE FORDS.

  • thebax2006

Sounds like asking your brothers hasn't dawned on you yet.

  • KayleenR

Hang out with your brothers, they will teach you

  • Anonymous

If your family has a shop, just spend time there and get your hands dirty. You can hand tools to the mechanics as a start. Learn how to put a socket in a ratchet. There are no shortcuts to being a mechanic. You have to put tools in your hand.

  • ?

If "cars are my family's business" and you don't know how to learn about them, maybe you should pursue something else.

  • g

If "cars are my family’s business" it should be a natural. Simply watch, listen and learn.

  • 72dolphins

You could always go work at a car place that hires teenagers and they will teach you a lot about cars, most places accept people who know nothing and they will train you. It could be a place that works on tires, oil, anything with cars. Just look into applying to some of those places. I know it would be weird especially since your family has their own business but it would be good to get some outside experience.

  • bobBwilder

Ask your bros.

  • Mick Rogers

You can literally look up everything there is to know about cars on the web.