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How long does it take to get a new car?

I'm looking at various cheaper Vauxhalls and Hyundais - do they keep them in stock?

  • ?

If you want a good choice go to a large dealership.

  • Neil

A smaller dealership will have fewer cars in stock than a larger dealership.

  • Mr.357

The last new car that I bought: Went to a dealer on Thursday. They were having a "factory sale" and knew I was going to get screwed. Wound up yelling at the sales manager that he should run his happy *** out in the rain and get the stock number of the vehicle we wanted after the jr salesman failed for about 15 minutes in his attempt. The next Saturday we happened to drive by a different dealer about 1:00 pm. Decided what vehicle we wanted by about 2:00. Negotiated the price by about 2:30. Got $0 financing at about 3% interest for 60 months, signed paperwork, and left with new vehicle about 3:30 pm.

  • KayleenR

Yes they do

  • don r

After you make the deal with the internet sales manager, you should be driving your new car home in an hour or so. It depends on how you go about paying for it.

  • Anonymous

When I bought new, I tested the one I wanted, in the color I wanted. I drove it off in an hour...

  • n_rosychuk

Any good dealership should have a large number on hand you can choose from if you're not looking for specific features that are rare or in high demand.

  • ?

car dealers have many different cars in their inventories. go to one and look around.