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How many miles per year does a car need have for it to be bad mileage?

  • KayleenR

There is no such thing as bad milage, although if a car is not used regularly, it can give trouble

  • don r

Maybe you mean "high mileage" when you say "bad mileage". Average is about 12,000 miles per year. More than that becomes high mileage in degrees. Consider the typical lifespan of the car in question then calculate the number of years at your rate it takes to get there. You don't want to wear a car out in only 5 years. That would be bad.

  • Happy Gramps

already answered - 12000 miles per year is normal, anything above that uis excessive

  • 72dolphins

Most people consider over 150k to be close to the end of a car's life, but it just depends on the make and the manufacturer

  • Its Paul again

It depends on the quality of the car, Hondas, Toyotas, etc. Tend to last longer

  • ?

39K miles