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2006 Infiniti G35 Anyi theft security system?

Car cranks but doesn’t start, battery, alternator, starter, spark plugs, and fuel pump are all fine, I️ did some research and found out it is in anti theft mode, I tried the reset steps multiple times and didn’t work, the windshield wipers also turn on automatically when I️ turn the ignition to acc, the windshield...

  • thebax2006

What's the fuel pump pressure? You need to know if the pressure is right. Just having the pump make noise or have gas when you crack a fuel line doesn't prove anything.

  • Anonymous

Get a spark tester and check for spark while cranking. Get a noid light set and check for injector pulse while cranking. Get a fuel pressure gauge and check fuel pressure while cranking. Get a scan tool and see if it will communicate with the PCM and maybe check for any codes.

  • ? can clear the computer if you disconnect the battery for 24 hours. I don't know if this will work, it's just something I heard.