Question #27623

Does anyone have the 12 step battery removal system, time I got back on my bike but battery is dead.??

  • thebax2006

12 step battery removal system? If the bike wasn't stored in a heated garage and the battery is dead it probably froze and needs replacing.

  • ?

First, you need to go to Batteries Anonymous meetings...

  • don r

Replacing a battery doesn't take 12 steps. If you can handle a screwdriver and ...., oh, never mind.

  • ?

Just put it on a 200 amp charge for two weeks.

  • KY-Clay

Why not see if it will take a charge. As fas as a 12 step battery removal system I am not familiar with such a thing. All I can tell you is to remove the negative cable first and replace it last. Other than that it is just a matter of removing the battery anyway you want.