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Is it possible to put a vinyl cover top on a Cadillac that didn't originally come with it?

A 2006 DTS. Could you put on a soft top even though it didn't come with one? How would you go about it? Where would you find the materials?

  • g

Sure, any automotive upholstery shop could easily perform the job.

  • n_rosychuk

Anything is possible with enough money if you find a garage willing to do it.

  • JetDoc

Pretty much ANY local auto upholstery shop CAN install a vinyl top cover on your cars roof, but just be aware that vinyl tops are NOT really desirable options these days, and it will probably DECREASE the value of your car.

  • Name Withheld

The cost will be a lot compared to the value of a 12 year old car - and you won't get a penny back: maybe lower it's value.......................but many upholstery, detail shops can do it for you.

  • The original Peter G

If you mean a cosmetic vinyl roof, that's pretty easy. If you mean a folding soft-top, then tyhe strengthening of the body work to replace the steel roof panel would be difficult to impossible as a modification

  • bo

sure. find auto upholstery shop

  • KayleenR

Not easy but it can be done. A better option for you could be a sun roof. You could also put a vinal roof over your existing roof, looks great on a Caddy.