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How much would it cost to have a car completely bulletproofed?

  • Tom thumb

You should buy a U.S. Army surplus Tank, if anyone gets in your way ,drive right over them. the gas mileage is terrible , if you have to ask the price it means you can`t afford it.

  • Bort

It depends on a lot of variables:


There is actually NO SUCH THING as bulletproof.

  • JetDoc

No such thing as a "completely bulletproof" car, little Snowflake. You can pay THOUSANDS of dollars to build an ARMORED car, but sometimes those pesky bullets still find a way in.


About the price of the car itself, because the vehicle has to be completely stripped of it's interior and dismantled first.

  • Poseidon

Ask Trump!!

  • ?

Couple of $100k.

  • Debate me in the comments

Depends how professionally done you want it. A make-shift job might be a few thousand at the least.

  • Anonymous

Approximately $200,000 because all of the required modifications including strengthening the chassis and running gear to handle the extra weight and installing a more powerful engine to give such a heavy vehicle some get up and go. Even then, no passenger vehicle could be made completely bulletproof

  • The Football God

And destroy the image of Steve McQueen's Mustang?