Question #27627

Why might my car suddenly be using lots and lots of gas? It also makes more noise. It's worst when I first start the car. ?

'07 6 cyl Honda Accord

  • W⛧

You been making sure those spark plugs, spark plug wires, and coil packs are getting changed, like at all? Also, you keeping up with that air filter?

  • mustanger

When was the last time you changed the engine air filter? A clogged air filter will make an engine run extremely rich and use a lot more gas.

  • Gogzy

Possibly an engine problem. If you have your air conditioning on a lot inside your car this can contribute to the use of more gas however this wouldn't cause the car to make noises. I would get your car checked out as soon as possible though. :)

  • KY-Clay

Is you Check Engine Light on. If so there is a problem with the emissions system. This can cause it to use more fuel. The noise is something else altogether. You need to take it to a mechanic today. This could be serious.