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Was being a tattletale in my class right in the scenario given?

As a junior in high school, I am worlds apart from the people I go to school with. I follow the rules and like to make sure everyone else follows the rules. Today in my English class, a lot of people wanted to go to lunch early. It was five minutes before lunch was supposed to begin and we had a longterm sub, so...

  • xiTrollerx

If you get your *** kicked I'm not gonna feel sorry for you. If you go to my school, I'd be cheering on the guy kicking your *** or be the one kicking your ***. Grow some f*cking balls, and mind your own business you little snitch.

  • Brian Mcilwee


  • ?

No. And you will unfortunately suffer the consequences of your actions.

  • Rocket32

I assume you are also the type of kid that reminds the teacher to assign homework when he/she forgets. That’s a good way to get people to dislike you, no one likes that person. If it’s something harmless like that or trying to go to lunch early let it go. Dosen’t cause actual harm to anyone or anything. I assure you they are well aware of the potential consequences such as detentions. If they want to risk it let them, it’s none of your business and dosen’t affect you. You really gotta learn to let the little things like that go, or 99% of your peers won’t like you.

  • audrey

I'm SO glad I don't go to school with you. I wouldn't even want to be friends with you. Nobody likes a tattle tale goody goody person.

  • Russ in NOVA

"and like to make sure everyone else follows the rules" -- If this is not tempered, this attitude will end up with you being a sad, lonely bitter person. Unless it is a serious matter of safety, chill.

  • Mark

You can still follow the rules. When it comes to reminding others you can do it with humor or by telling them the consequences that are possible. In other words, try to be yourself about it.

  • ?

If the bell went, you’re ok. If it didn’t go, you’re not ok.

  • Beverly S

What you did was "right" but I can see why everyone was mad..

  • ?

I would take care of myself and, as long as nobody was hurting anyone, I would mind my own business. You are not their mother.