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It is not incest for same-sex relations because there is no possibility of pregnancy. correct?

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This is still incest

  • ?

It is still called incest but say 2 brothers have sex I see no problem. A brother and sister having sex is risky unless say the girl for some reason cannot have children, but in the eyes of the law is likely still illegal.

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  • Hari

Incest is sexual activity between family members or close relatives, it doesn't matter if there is a chance of pregnancy or not.

  • Shane Michael

Then it's not cheating on your wife if the woman had a hysterectomy.

  • ?

still incest

  • Anonymous

Another reason why sexual relations between very close relatives is discouraged is because it disrupts family relationships and the familial bond. If your lover is also your brother or sister, the resulting relationship can be confusing and can hinder family life.

  • xxx000au

If we followed your logic to its end, while sex between a boy and his sister would be seen as wrong because she could fall pregnant, if the sibling couple had say anal or oral sex or maybe masturbated, that would be okay.

  • Alexander

No. The risk isn't just pregnancy (most incest babies are healthy -- nature discourages inbreeding, but doesn't prevent it), but the lack of assurance of consent, even between siblings. Incest is incest, regardless of genders. Of course, in reality, not all adult hetero couplings are truly consensual. And the main reason for banning incest is that the idea greatly disturbs others, the "Eww!" factor.

  • dougeebear

Incorrect. Incest is defined as a sexual relationship between closely related members of the same family. Pregnancy, or it potential, are not requirements..

  • kookookachoo7863

I am of that opinion as well.