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Why do i not want to be in a relationship with a boy?

I am a bisexual girl, but i do not like the idea of being in a relationship with a guy, only with a girl. I am attracted to both genders, but i do not feel comfortable imagining myself in a relationship with a guy. For some reason, i feel that if i were a guy i would be comfortable going out with both genders, but...

  • reme_1

You might be confused. Call the gay center and talk to the counselor. If you can get tot the center join a girl group and see how they are handling their feelings.

  • Chris

I know a few women attracted to both genders but date women exclusively. In their cases, guys might be acceptable for one-night stands or short flings, but for relationships. I suppose the issue is security and comfort - which gender is more likely to provide it?

  • ♥ Lust ♥

You're probably homoromantic

  • Elisabeth

You should find a nice boyfriend

  • Shane Michael

Maybe you just relate to girls better since you are one, and haven't spent much time with males.

  • ?

Then you're either probably a lesbian, or you like girls more