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How to stop wiener dog from humping cat?

4 year old female dog just started humping male cat. What should I do?

  • ?

Have your dog neutered

  • Laura

Immediately punish the dog each and every time it happens.

  • whoops, it wasnt me.

He is show his dominance over the cat, intervention maybe necessary.

  • GllntKnight

Correct it each time when caught in the act. Training is your responsibility, not the dogs.

  • The First Dragon

The cat will handle that! I wouldn't worry.

  • helping_people

Make Very Loud Noise EVERY TIME, you catch them, Or Spray the dog with lemon juice.

  • Anonymous

Tell the dog to stop humping the cat, just like you've trained the dog to do or not to do other things.

  • Verulam

Nine times out of ten, this isn't about sex, it's to do with dominance. And I suggest that for some reason your b itch is trying to put the cat in his place!!! Don't punish - correct. There is a difference.