Question #28322

Keep getting emails of bitcoin how do i get rid of them?

get around 10 emails a day of them how do i stop getting them and it doesn't cost me to download anything as tried and downloaded stuff then want me to pay many thanks

  • Max Hoopla

Move them to your spam folder and delete them.

  • ?

go at the bottom of the email and it will say unsubscribe its most likely to be in very small font so just click that

  • Mark

You can go to Add or Manage Accounts/Profile/Security and see if you can block those emails.

  • animelover

go to it find a subscribe button unsubscribe to them or block them

  • ?

look at the bottom of the email. there should be a "unsubscribe" button you can click on. see if that works.

  • ?

There is no way to filter, block or stop spam once it starts. Ignore and delete it and never respond to any of it, or try to unsubscribe. Doing that will only confirm to a spammer that they have reached a 'live' email address, and you will start to receive even more of it: