Question #28327

Do you now have most of your questions not showing up?

It looks like yahoo selects questions now they prefer to post. Over & over I've asked the question about rent control that should show up in the real estate section. I can see just 17 minutes ago someone's question was posted. I guess yahoo has decided it's a terrible thing to ask about rent...

  • Daniel

A lot of people are having Trouble getting there Questions to show up in the Category its Probably Stuck in the Filter if its Stuck you mite have to wait til it gets Unstuck

  • Anonymous

No one at Yahoo reviews questions before they post. In recent weeks some questions and answers have been caught in a filter that all posts run through, before they hit the site. MOST people find if their question doesn't show up to anyone but themselves, if they move it to a different category, wait a few seconds, and then move it back where it belongs, it becomes visible. Sometimes, also making an edit to the question (even a minor one) can cause it to become visible. For answers that aren't showing up to anyone but the person who posted them, one or more edits are needed and most of the time (not always) for the answer to show up.

  • Anonymous

Unless you are Suspended, all posts are immediately posted.

  • ?

I posted a question that never showed up.