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What is the best way to travel to Destin via Greyhound?

I'm from New Orleans. What's the best way to travel to Destin, FL via Greyhound bus? Someone suggested that I take the Greyhound to Ft. Walton Beach, & then take a shuttle (I think Gulf Breeze transit bus) to Destin. Is that true? Please direct me. My budget is low, so do you also know of any cheap...

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Not I.

  • nascar88gyrl

Why do you need to go to Destin? You could stay in Ft. Walton Beach. There is Uber service from Ft. Walton Beach to Destin.

  • Gypsyfish

Destin is the most built up and expensive of all the beach areas along the Gulf. It's much cheaper (and easier for you) to go to Gulf Shores or Orange Beach. Destin is well off I-10, so a little hard to get to.