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How do I keep bees out of my birdhouses?

  • l

Don't worry. People keep worrying about that.

  • Daniel

That could Lead into some Problems if something with the System goes wrong then Mistakes could Happen

  • ?

Corporate tax would increase to realistic levels

  • Darumu J

Both aspects would be coming out.

  • The Oracle of Omigod

I think it is coming but it will be 1 or 2 hundred years. There will be a guaranteed annual income which provides basic living needs but only a very few will be incredibly wealthy. Within ten years, a half million truck drivers and cab drivers and Uber drivers will be replaced.

  • Happy Gramps

"most" occupations will never be automated, and the few that will be or are will just make it more difficult for those w/o experience to find employment

  • Logan

someone has to repair the automation so I would specialize in that

  • Anonymous

People will no longer have jobs doing something that is no longer needed, and will be hired to do new jobs that are needed, and not have to work as much. This is not different than when 50 laborers were replaced with one backhoe for digging ditches.

  • Murzy

we would need people to build them and service them

  • Boney Boy Bailey

I think the government will tax the hell out of companies who do that so it wouldn't be worth it, there's enough unemployed as it is. It's like when they tried to move call centres to India to save money, frustrated customers made them stop that.

  • Elaine M

Bees or wasps?

  • The First Dragon

Put some mint or rosemary scent on the birdhouse.

  • ?

you cant keep them out

  • Anonymous

fine netting/mesh

  • ?

bug spray?

  • Anonymous

Catch a couple of them and then mount their heads on little tooth picks in front of the bird house.