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What are the best but cheapest car a high school student can buy in Montana? What would be a good site to look for cars?

Hello, I'm a high school student going into my senior year. So I've been saving up for a car but don't have a clue on what type of car I should buy. I don't really need a fancy car or sports car. Just a car that would get me to school, work, and after school activities. I'm looking for a price...

  • David 14

Yeah, we keep a list.

  • Anonymous

A Ford Crown Victoria. They are tough vehicles.

  • ?

In that price range, any car will be hit or miss, but you can luck out and find a deal.

  • nt

Unless your dad can do extensive work for free, very few cars of ANY brand are under $1000.

  • don r

For that price there isn't much worth buying. If you were in SoCal, I'd suggest a small motorcycle, but you'd freeze to death on it during the winter in Montana . Some salvage yards build frankenstein cars and sell them for $1500-$2000, if you don't mind ugly. You might luck out and find a 20 year old Corolla that had the engine replaced.

  • g

It will be nearly impossible to find a road worthy automobile for a grand. Any car you that will be sold of such a slight amount will have a ton or problems, a ton of miles, and require hundreds if not thousands of dollars to keep it running. You need to double, or triple, that amount of cash before you should consider any vehicle.

  • Happy Gramps

sorry to tell you, but you don't have enough $$ for a vehicle + the registration + the VERY expensive insurance + needed repairs..................for now you will have to get a bicycle

  • ?

You won't find a good dependable car in that price range, just basic transportation with a quarter of a million miles on it..

  • rick29148

IF you want a well-built car that will go forever, look for a Buick Regal or a Mercury Grand Marquis.